Incredible Love Story Between A Japanese Man And His Silicon Doll

The heart sometimes does things that reason can’t understand. Or at least that’s the case for this Japanese man who is perfectly happy in his relationship with… a silicone doll.

Silicon doll
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Silicon doll

At 61 years old, Senji Nakajima really is the happiest man out there. More in love than ever, the man in his sixties has the perfect relationship with Saori, an amazing… plastic doll!

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It all started six years ago when this business traveller, although married with children at the time, bought a silicone doll because he was bored. And voilà, Senji Nakajima never expected what would happen next. At first, he thought the doll was just an object, but then he actually fell head over heels in love with it.

Since then, the Japanese man has been in a relationship with Saori. They go for walks together, take baths, watch TV and even go shopping. As the Daily Mail explains, they have a perfect relationship.

‘She needs much help, but she is still my perfect partner who shares precious moments with me and enriches my life,’ explains the loved-up man who thinks his partner even has her own personality. And just like that, plastic really can be fantastic.

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