This Is The Real Life Popeye - And He's Incredible At Arm Wrestling

Jeff Dabe is an American just like any other, except for one thing. Born with a deformation, this farmer has gigantic hands and forearms that make him look like Popeye.

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Jeff Dabe is an American farmer from Minnesota, all that is normal, or almost. Since he was a child Jeff has had oversized hands and arms.

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Despite a battery of tests, he is not as gigantic as the famous Andre the Giant was, nor has he reached the stage of elephantiasis, a growth of the lymph on one specific and unexpected part of the body.

Today in his fifties the circumference of his arm that spectacularly reached about 20 inches, which is safe to say is considerable. So with assets such as these, Jeff decided to take advantage of them by participating in several arm-wrestling competitions.

A world championship final in 2014 and several titles to his credit have given him the nickname Popeye in reference to his impressive forearms. His technique to get to this stage? Nothing.

Jeff Dabe relied on his natural strength and unwavering determination.

With this impressive physique, Jeff has had no worries about his private personal life. He lives 'happily ever after' since he married to Gina with whom he has three children and continues to work on his arm.

Some still dare to challenge him to showdowns, but fail to defeat him. Maybe the Iranian Hulk would be up to the challenge?

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