This Girl Has the Best Reaction to Learning Fast-Foods Are Closing

This British mother filmed her young, desperate daughter’s reaction to learning that she won’t be able to eat fast food for several weeks and the video quickly went viral on social media.

Back in July, due to the safety measures, the United Kingdom had come to a complete standstill, just like several other countries in Europe. And since all fast-food restaurants and takeaways had closed their doors as a result, several families were now rediscovering the 'joys' of home cooking.

And it is for this exact reason that little Layla-Rae Charlton isn't happy at all. Currently housebound with her mother Joanne Charlton, the four-year-old little girl learned that she was going to have to trade in her KFCs, McDonald’s and even Nando's for her mother’s cooking instead. And this news definitely didn’t put a smile on her face…

That reaction is too much! YouTube

In a video that her mother filmed, and which you can find at the top of this article, the little girl learned the painful news:

Layla, Nando’s is closed as well. We love Nando’s, and KFC and McDonald’s...

With tears streaming down her face, the little girl then asked with a sigh:

Are Chineses closed too?

And then the bomb drops. Her mum answered:

All the deliveries. You've literally got to eat mummy’s cooking now.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Joanne explains that for Layla-Rae, fast-food restaurants being closed is like ‘world war three.'

It was her being upset and crying for a few minutes then getting over it which is what she normally does–and it’s like nothing has happened now. She can have her moments–she’s just a normal four-year-old.
Will fast food restaurants stay open during lockdown? Will fast food restaurants stay open during lockdown?