This 70-Year-Old Impressed a Group of Teenagers by Jumping off a Cliff!

Some people are more reckless than others, and as you will see, this has nothing to do with age! Check out this 70-year-old who jumped off a 50-foot cliff!

This 70-Year-Old Impressed a Group of Teenagers by Jumping off a Cliff!
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Daredevil, fearless, reckless, or courageous are all synonyms that could be given to this 73-year-old man, who was ready to do anything to impress a group of youngsters, even if it meant jumping off a cliff!

An outdoor activity

This video from upstate New York, in the middle of the magnificent landscapes of Fawn's Leap, recently went viral because the feat was both perilous and impressive.

Since summer is in full swing and people are looking for ways to cool down, many find themselves at the top of a cliff overlooking a pool of turquoise water. But just as some of them were about to jump the 50 feet that separated them from the water, a seventy-year-old decided to try his luck.

A perilous leap

This incredible moment captured by the teenagers' cameras has been viewed more than 40,000 times over the past few days, and for good reason!

The young people made way for the 73-year-old man, who ran to the edge of the cliff in his red swimsuit, and jumped!

50 feet below he can be seen coming out of the water. Few could have achieved this feat, whether they were 7 or 77-years-old. Faced with the courage that comes with experience, the teenagers made their excitement heard, and will without a doubt remember this moment for the rest of their years!

Check out this impressive leap in our video at the top of the article!