At 63 Years Old, This Is The World's Most Beautiful Grandmother

Beauty doesn’t have to be just for the young. Take French woman Yazemeenah Rossi for example, who at 63 is in amazing shape with such an impressive body.

© Yazemeenah Rossi

This French woman has been said to be the ‘most beautiful grandma in the world’ and has starred in many magazine spreads all over the world. This grandmother, who embraces her grey-white hair, proves that beauty doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to youth. Yazemeenah was also a late bloomer in the fashion world as she was no less than 30 years old when she started out which is quite unusual for this line of work.

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And although the world of fashion is full of young men and women wanting to take over the world, Rossi has proved that she is just as ready to take them on with a career that has already lasted more than 30 years.

‘There was a time some years ago when I started to think things would gradually begin to change and we’d start to see ore older models, but that did not happen. I do believe that men and women have the same concerns about growing old […] Nobody likes to see their skin give in to gravity. At the same time, growing old is something beautiful because you become stronger with the passing of time,’ said Yazemeenah to Vice.

‘[Age] is definitely a state of mind. If you are connected with your inner child, you can recharge your batteries and keep that energy,’ she continued. She also confirmed that she has never ‘had any cosmetic surgery […] the idea of going under the knife when I am perfectly healthy doesn’t make much sense to me.’

‘I take oil and use it on my skin. I put rapeseed oil on my hair. I scrub my skin once a week with olive oil and fine sugar. I eat an avocado a day and good organic meat and fish,’ she confided. It sounds quite simple but we're sure lucky genes must come into the mix somewhere too...

Check out the video above to see some of Yazemeenah's stunning photos...

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