Things Got Out Of Hand In This McDonald's After One Customer Got Tired Of Waiting

We’ve all been there, stood in a long queue at McDonald's, patiently waiting for our order number to be called. And let’s face it, it’s pretty annoying. But this girl at a McDonald's franchise in South London just couldn’t wait any longer for her Big Mac and twenty nuggets.

Have you ever been so angry waiting around for some food that you’ve felt like going into the kitchen and cooking it yourself? Perhaps we’ve all had the thought in our head from time to time but very rarely do we actually execute the plan. This McDonald’s customer however is an exception.

In this shocking clip, one angry McDonald’s customer decided enough was enough andtook excessive action against the staff member who was serving her… or in this case not serving her. In an unimaginable tirade of abuse you can see the enraged customer on the other side of the counter, confronting the McDonald's workers. After subsequently collecting the food that was waiting at the pass she proceeded to hurl more verbal abuse at staff before flicking one staff member on the head.

But the drama didn’t stop there. Normally you’d expect an air of professionalism from a staff member but this woman was not going to stand by at be attacked like that. Instead she fought back and proceeded to slap the customer square in the face. Not stopping there, she had to be held back by security as she repeatedly pulled the hair of the customer who couldn’t believe what she was experiencing.

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