She Tried to Remove Her Tattoo With Cream and It Went Horribly Wrong

This young woman went through living hell after trying to remove the tattoo from her chest.

She Tried to Remove Her Tattoo With Cream and It Went Horribly Wrong
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Pasuda Reaw decided to get rid of the tattoo she had gotten, a rose spread all across her chest. But rather than getting 'tattoo removal' surgery, the young woman opted for a cheaper method called Rejuvi. She definitely got what she paid for.

Sometimes laser removal is worth the price

This is a method that consists of a simple cream to be applied on the skin, with the same needles used by tattoo artists. This effectively destroys the pigments in the skin and literally makes the tattoo 'fall' off the skin. But Pasuda soon realised that Rejuvi was not the ideal solution she thought it was.

On her Instagram account, the young women published photos showing the evolution of her scar. But after a few days, the wound ended up getting infected. The skin has recovered over time, but there is a burnt appearance the young woman will definitely never get rid of.

Pasuda decided to share her story so to make people aware of this very dangerous practise, since there is no evidence that tattoo removal creams work. The tattoo might fade or lighten, but it will remain visible. Skin irritation and other reactions are possible, such as what happened to Pasuda. Tattoos are very difficult to get rid of, which is why anyone should think twice before going to get one...