One woman caused a plane to turn around after forgetting her baby at the airport

This story reminds us of Home Alone. It took place on the weekend of March 9 and 10 and all started when one new mother forgot her baby at the airport...

It could be the pitch for a remake of Home Alone. Except it's a true story. On the weekend of March 9-10, a mother noticed, in the middle of a flight, that she hadforgotten her baby at the airport.

She was leaving Saudi Arabia and was flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the middle of the trip, she realized that she was missing something... or rather someone. Distraught, she warned the flight attendantsand begged the pilot to turn around, according to a report by the International Business Times.

The child is safe and sound

After some tough negotiations, the captain finally agreed to return to King Abdelaziz Airport, where the baby was found safe and sound. The child was in one of the terminals, where its mother forgot it when boarding.

The pilot of the plane received very positive messages on social networks.

Check out the video above to see the conversation between the pilot and the stunned air traffic controllers!

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