One woman was horrified after discovering her takeaway had an extra ingredient

A woman ordered food to go with a famous app, but when she started eating, she was grossed out by what she found in her food.

Duck soup shouldn't be crunchy!
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Duck soup shouldn't be crunchy!

It’s very easy today to order food with your phone, It’s more convenient and cheap. Usually, you get the right order, and in good time. Although sometimes, you wish you had never ordered your dish to go.

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A clear example is what happened to this woman in Shantou City in southern China who had ordered food from a local restaurant with a delivery app. When she received her dish, she started eating, only to realise there was something very strange in her soup...

She originally ordered braised duck noodle soup to share, but there was another living ingredient in the soup. Worst of all, they did not realize they were eating something so unpleasant until the moment they thought that this soup shouldn’t be crunchy...

It turns out that there were in fact 40 dead insects in their soup. The diners had not noticed them before because they had blended in with the duck because of their colour.

As the Mirror published, the couple started removing the insects one by one from the soup, with the disgusting additions believed to be cockroaches. The woman complained to the police and sued the restaurant, which is now being investigated by the local Food and Drug Administration, and as if it wasn’t bad enough, the video then went viral.

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