Drunk Woman Is Serving Jail Time for Throwing a Used Feminine Product at a Police Officer

Earlier this month, police officers responded to reports of a suicidal woman in Trafford, UK who was getting 'increasingly agitated'.

When officers approached her 37-year-old Claire Clarkson from Timperley, was firmly grasping an empty bottle of wine and initially had thrown her handbag at them when they attempted to get close to her.

Once they were finally able to talk to her the responding officers spent some time attempting to calm her down in the back of a police van, however she managed to flee, running towards a nearby takeaway restaurant shouting:

They've robbed me, help!

She was then arrested for being drunk and disorderly and was taken to the police station where she underwent a risk assessment. During this time, while an officer was conducting the assessment Claire reached into her pants, took her dirty sanitary pad and thew it into the face of the investigating police officer.

Claire Clarkson was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison for assaulting a police officer Facebook

Moreover, Claire also tested positive for HIV and Hepatitis C of which the police were already aware, however, the fact that someone would knowingly attack another person in such a way was something District Judge Jack McGava had to voice his about when sentencing her:

It's hard to describe what I think about what you did. It was an absolutely gross attack on a police officer just trying to do her job...Spitting is bad enough, but what you did is absolutely humiliating and degrading to the officer and I can’t think of much worse of what you had done to her...I have to express public disgust of what you did and the only way to do that is to impose a prison sentence

After pleading guilty to assaulting an emergency worker and being drunk and disorderly, Clarkson was sentenced to 26 weeks imprisonment and ordered to pay a £128 fine.

Police Brutality: Woman Suffers Serious Blows at the Hands of Police Officer Police Brutality: Woman Suffers Serious Blows at the Hands of Police Officer