At Just 18-Year-Old This Is One of the Youngest Commercial Airline Pilots in History

18-year-old teen has become the youngest pilot to fly a commercial plane in the UK. And he owes all the credit to his mum who sold her home, so she could pay for his dream!

Seth Van Beek, 18, earned his license after completing an intensive flight course in Greece. How much did his license cost? A whopping £85,000. And this is where his mum comes in!

Seth’s mom, Frances, 42, decided to sell their family home to pay for Seth’s course! Crazy, right? She now lives in a flat rather than a three-bedroom house.

So what prompted Frances to fund her son’s dream? Well, the kind mother said, 'I didn’t have a proper education, so I have always pushed Seth to make sure that he accomplishes what he really wants.'

She continued by saying, 'For years I have told him that as long as he has faith and believes in himself, he will be able to achieve anything he sets his mind to.' And that’s exactly what Seth did (thanks to Frances). It’s important to note that Seth excelled at the course!

Posted by Seth Vanbeek on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The teenager accumulated 828 hours of flying during the course. To top it off, he averaged 90.6% on exams, making him the top of his class. We don’t know about you, but we want him to fly the next flight we go on!

Seth can’t thank his mum enough for what she did for him! The young pilot said, “People have to chase their dreams, and I’ve been so lucky, being able to make my dream my career because of my mum. None of this would have been possible without her – I love her to pieces!”

His mum is so proud of her soon, too: 'To think he’s the youngest licensed commercial pilot in the UK – it blows me away.' Learn more about Seth’s story in our video!

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