A Group Photo of Friends in Bikinis Went Viral - Can You See Why?

This photo of a group of friends in bikinis on the beach has been flying around the internet!

There's Something Very Unusual About This Photo of 6 Friends at the Beach
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Do you love finding the tiniest little details in photos?Or are you one of those peoplewho tend to get stressed out when they can’t quickly figure out what is going on in a photo? Whatever the case, this photo is for you!

A disturbing detail

After analysing a photograph taken of a group of bikini-clad friends on the beach, internet users began to notice one strange and disturbing detail that you may have missed at first glance!

There aren’t six but seven people looking at the camera in this photo. If you look closely, this photo was magnificently photobombed by one man in the background with a very serious and concerned look on his face. Alright, so you don't have to look too closely to notice the man in the background. But we bet you did miss a huge detail in the photo.

We bet you didn't notice a strange detail in this photo Facebook

The photo has been photoshopped

That's right, this photo has been photoshopped! AN incredibly creative and talented internet user decided to replace the faces of the six friends with the puzzled man’s face.The result is sneaky, perfectly executed, realistic and gives the original photo a real unique quality.This photo provoked lots of laughter and made its way around the internet within a few hours.

Check out the video above to see the amazing photobomb for yourself!