A Birthmark Covers Almost Her Entire Body But She Won't Let It Stop Her

When we see her now, it is difficult to imagine that young Yulianna Yussef was mocked during her childhood and even worse, predestined not to live long after the doctors’ announcement at her birth. More after the jump.

Indeed, the young woman from Ukraine suffers from a congenital melanocytic nevus, an extremely rare skin disease that covers her body with brown spots, a disease affecting only 1% of the world's population.

Insulted by being called a Dalmatian, cow or giraffe, Yulianna Yussef has gotten her revenge on life by collecting tens of thousands of followers on her Instagram profile – in these photos, we see the young, radiant Ukrainian assuming her physical difference with pride.

Check out the video up above and see the awe-inspiring images that has caused Yulianna Yussef to become an social media sensation overnight! So what do you think - we say her rise to fame is quite the inspiration!

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