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This Woman's Nose Had Not Stopped Growing For Almost 50 Years, Today She Looks Totally Different

This woman's nose has been getting bigger and bigger since she was 15. She's also struggled a lot with acne.

It was not until she was 46 years old that Pamela decided to get help. Indeed, the woman has been suffering from an unusual condition since she was a teenager...

Her nose has been growing since she was 15!

Doctors diagnosed her with rhinophyma, an infection caused by severe rosacea. She tried several treatments, but none of them really worked. It got so bad that, because of her condition, she was too ashamed to leave the house...until she participated in the talk show The Doctors, which allowed her to receive surgical care free of charge. It took one laser procedure followed by several surgical procedures to change the size of her nose. In just three months, the doctor managed to work miracles on Pamela.A before-and-after photo of her profile shows the extent of her nose's transformation. Since then, the mother of two feels different! The young woman says she's much happier now and is enjoying her "new" life.You can check out the incredible transformation of Pamela's nose in the video above!

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