This Girl Very Quickly Regretted Trying To Show Off At The Gym

Fitgirl Ace Mertyurek was put on the spot when another woman revealed her secret.

Fitgirl Ace Mertyurek wanted to show off to all her fans in the gym, but another woman, who was next to her, ended up revealing this embarrassing secret. It's clear that Ace was caught red-handed in her attempt to deceive social network users.

The images have since spread like wildfire across the Internet, and have already accumulated more than 16,000 views on Mertyurek's personal Instagram account. The video has also generated many reactions from her followers.

Fitgirl Yaela and her spectacular stretches

While Ace Mertyurek was the butt of every joke because of this video, the fact is that Yaela Heart also got a lot of attention, but for her hypnotizing movements. She is known as the 'Queen of stretches', and for good reason.

In addition, Heart knows very well how to drive her followers crazy with every one of her daily stretching routines. Her Instagram profile is full of very seductive videos and images that leave many people on the verge of a heart attack.

Image: @ace.mertyurek - Instagram

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