Cheeky Lads Pulled Off a Hilarious Dissolvable Swim Suit Prank on Their Mate

They posted the hilarious footage of their mate struggling to stay covered up while his trunks fell apart in the pool.

Secure your swimming trunks!
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Secure your swimming trunks!

Lee Kenny was on holiday with his wife and a group of mates, totally unaware that he was about to be pranked in such spectacular fashion.

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Lee's mates had discovered it was possible to buy 'dissolvable' swimming trunks - which disintegrate when they come into contact with water. Unable to pass up such a great pranking opportunity they immediately set to work putting a plan into motion.

One of the orchestrators of the prank, Rachael Whittaker explained that they got the trunks embroidered with Lee's initials and pretended they'd found them and bought them for him as a gift.

She explained: 'This guaranteed Lee would wear them while away without suspicion. Lee took great enjoyment in showing off to the lads how special and important he was for having such great shorts.

The first day of the holiday Lee proudly arrived at the pool in his dissolvable swim shorts with no idea what was about to happen.

In the video, you can see Lee and his wife. Lee couldn’t get out of the pool without walking out through a group of people. He had no towel to grab and ran back to his room. Luckily the waitress helped cover his modesty with a drinks tray.'


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