This Is The World's Most Dangerous Landing

This airport in Chagual in Peri is one of the most dangerous airports in the world because it is located right in the middle of some really high peaks. Therefore, each plane has to be very careful when coming down onto the runway.

When we fly, some landings are more exciting than others like at the world-famous airport in Saint Martin. On this island, the airport is so close to the beach that that the planes practically brush over sunbathing tourists!

A risky flight in Peru

But this isn’t the only country where the landings can be quite perilous. In Chagual in Peru, the planes that wish to land have to literally swerve between the high mountain peaks, which means there is no room for mistake when landing here! And once the plane has landed on the runway, it has to continue turning and shifting, since the runway isn’t perfectly straight either. So, the pilot definitely has to keep an eye open when performing this landing!

Full immersion

The footage you can see was taken from inside a cockpit mid-flight, which is why you feel fully immersed whilst watching it. It’s as if we’re there too! We don’t know about you, but we definitely wouldn’t want to be the one landing here. No matter how amazing the countryside looks from the air!

Which just goes to show that you don’t need bad weather conditions or a problem during the flight to get the cold sweats on a ‘standard’ flight.

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