In This Mexican City It's Now Perfectly Legal To Go All The Way In Public
In This Mexican City It's Now Perfectly Legal To Go All The Way In Public
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In This Mexican City It's Now Perfectly Legal To Go All The Way In Public

From now on, having sex in public spaces in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico will be allowed. Although lots of people have opposed this new law, those who promote the idea have a good reason behind their decision. Find out more below!

In the Mexican city of Guadalajara, this new measure that is about to be introduced is quite surprising. It says that having sex in public is permitted for all people, so now you won’t have to think twice about making love in public.

This city is ran by conservatives, but they decided to pass this new measure so that they can solve another more serious problem. This new reform says that people can only be fined for having sex in public when there is a report or a complaint from a third party.

The city of Guadalajara isn’t the first to pass this law

The new city rule in Guadalajara that allows people to have sex in public without being fined isn’t a new concept. Even in Amsterdam, in one of its most famous parks like Vondelpark, you can also engage in this type of activity and have been able to do so for more than a decade.

What’s more, you’re more likely to be reported or fined for letting your dog off its leash in the park than for having sex right where people can see you in Vondelpark.

The only conditions that this Dutch city have, is that the area used for this activity should be left completely clean and in the same conditions that you found it, as well as staying clear of children’s areas. If there’s too much noise, the police can intervene and ask the rowdy lovers to leave the park.

However, this measure is still creating a lot of debate nowadays. Despite the fact that the city government recognises that having sex in public is vetoed by law, they also state that it’s very difficult to control and pursue.

‘Why ban something that barely bothers other people and contrarily, makes a given group a lot happier?’ asks Paul van Grieken, city councillor for the Greens and the person in charge of this new plan for Vondelpark that has yet to be approved.

‘They have sex at times when there is barely anyone in the park,’ he added. In Amsterdam, and unlike lots of other parks in Europe, this park isn’t closed at night.

According to some data, 10 million people visit the Vondelpark every year, which is known for being a place of leisure and rest, located between the old part of the city and the museum quarter.

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