The Pokemon Home App Has Finally Been Released And It's Everything We Hoped For

The much anticipated Pokemon Home has finally been released for download. The cloud-based storage app will allow users to store, trade and move pokemon around between compatible devices and games.

Grand Oak
Grand Oak

Our Pokemon dreams have come true, thanks to Pokemon Home you can finally move your pokemon between games and devices to really fill out that Pokedex.

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This app comes just after the recent release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, these games will be compatible with the service along with the other Nintendo Switch games: Let's Go, Eeveeand Pikachu.However, you will only be able to transfer pokemon that are on Sword and Shield's new Galar Pokedex.

Never fear, for those who really want to 'catch them all' the app has it's own National Pokedex where every creature entered into the storage app will be automatically logged along with any evolving forms.

Those who have a subscription to the app will also be able to use it on Nintendo 3DS, with the ability to move pokemonbetween all 3DS and Switch games. It must be noted though that currently, any pokemon switched to another game will not be able to be moved back. Although, with a bit of tech smarts and a bit of patience you can move and store pokemon as far back as generation three.

The Pokemon Go compatible version of the app is also in the works where soon users will be also able to move creatures between their cellphones and other devices.

Even better, Pokemon Home supplies you with three different methods of trading. First up is the 'Wonder Box' where people can trade from around the world. The second method is 'GTS' where users will be able to specify which pokemon they want and like a dating app, traders will then be matched according to their needs. The final method is the classic 'room trade' where up to 20 people at a time can enter a room to participate in a blind trade, this means you will not know what pokemon you will receive until the trade is over.

Now Pokemon Home is largely a membership-based app so to really reap the benefits it pays to have a subscription. For those who do opt for the premium plan, you also will be able tojudge your Pokemon and view their stats to see how strong they are, as well as receive 'mystery gifts'.

Pokemon Home Premium starts at £2.69 for one month and goes up to £15 for a whole year. That's definitely a price we're willing to pay for all the benefits promised.

And one last thing, Pokemon Home features its own Pokemon Researcher, Grand Oak. This wacky man resembles a slightly senile Professor Oak with a major wardrobe upgrade. However, fans claim the researcher looks much like another loved scientist simply known as Doc:

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