Pokémon And Google Want You To Vote For Pokémon Of The Year

According to Pokemon.com's Pokedex, There are 809 different Pokémon across 8 different generations. So obviously each fan has their own favourite, right? Do you know which one is yours?

Pokémon Of The Year
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Pokémon Of The Year

Google recently partnered with Pokémon to hold an international vote that will determine the world's favourite Pokemon. By google searching 'Pokemon Vote' you too can have your say!

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A previous poll held on Reddit tried to determine which Pokémon was the most favourite, however, now being partnered with google it seems as though the vote could be more accurate with a lot more participants.

In the poll on Reddit, the unsurprising victor was from the First Generation of Pokémon. Debatably one of the most nostalgic characters from the Pokémon universe, Charizard was named the favourite amongst Reddit users. This hard-headed fire-flying type dragon Pokémon was easily the favourite.

Which Pokémon do you think will win this year? Will it be more the nostalgic characters popular among those of us who started watching Pokémon during Indigo league or ones from the newer generations?

Pokémon was first released in Japan via the red and green versions of the Game Boy games all the way back in 1996. And was later released in North America with the Red and Blue versions in 1998 as well as the Anime series. Since then it has become a household name with numerous versions of the game being released for Nintendo's Gameboy, Gamecube, Nintendo64 and just about every gaming product Nintendo has released as well as countless series' and movie adaptations. Pokémon GO! was released for mobile in 2016 and has since become a worldwide sensation.

Who knows what's in store for the future of Pokémon, but it's clear they don't seem to be slowing down. In order to have a say go cast your votes! The winner is said to be released on February 27 so make your vote count.

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