Star Wars: Project Maverick gets leaked online, but nobody knows what it is

A new Star Wars game could soon be announced as a mysterious title, Star Wars: Project Maverick has been leaked online.

Project Maverick: the elusive new title
© Electronic Arts via PSN releases
Project Maverick: the elusive new title

Fans have been scrambling to piece together what this new title could be for. Found off the backend of the Playstation Network Store by Twitter account PSN Releases, Star Wars: Project Maverick gives away no clues.

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Many theories have emerged around what type of content could be at stake. A recent report from Kotaku has revealed that Electronic Arts has exclusive rights to develop Star Wars content and have revealed that two new games are in the making. Could 'Maverick' be one of them? Jason Schreier, the news editor of Kotaku has admitted on Twitter that he has in fact seen the title before.

Electronic Arts Motive is also reportedly working on a small, unusual Star Wars game. Schreier so far seems to be pointing us in that direction.

Some have also suspected that the title could be a DLC for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but Respawn has so far denied that there would any DLC's in the making.

Fans on Twitter are also speculating that Star Wars: Project Maverick, could be another Rouge Squadron-like game due to the accompanying artwork that was composed of an Imperial Star Destroyer being flanked by multiple X-Wing Starfighters. this could indicate the game will be set around the time of the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Another fan on Reddit is hoping that the title could be of a Virtual Reality release


There are a few possibilities as to what Star Wars: Project Maverick could offer, but we will have to wait for an announcement to know for sure.

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