The best online drinking games to play during lockdown

If you're like us, you're longing for that first game of beer pong with friends after lockdown. In the meantime, we've got your back - if you're really looking for a party, these are the best drinking games to play online (all while social distancing)!

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Admit it - while drinking is fun on its own, making a game out of it makes it SO much better. This whole social distancing thing may have made it tough to get together with friends to play a game of King's Cup, however it is possible to still play a drinking game all while staying at home and self-isolating. Here's our list of the games you can play!

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6. Never Have I Ever - for uncovering dirt on friends

Never have I ever is a simple drinking gameand it's fun for one reason - you get to discover embarrassing facts about your friends that you can eventually use against them as leverage (is that technically blackmail?). This game doesn't require an app, you can play it over Zoom, Skype or House Party.

5. Power Hour - for 'efficiency'

For those who really want to drink (and quickly), try power hour. This game requires a playlist made up of 60 songs each one minute long. All you have to do is take a drink every time the song changes. Yup, once every minute for a whole hour.

4. Hats - for fast-paced action

Hats is a game with the potential to be a bit chaotic, but it's definitely worth it. Here's how it's played: Any person at any time can call out an item of clothing, Then, everyone has to find the item and put it on as fast as possible. The last person to don their item of clothing or those who can't find the given article drinks.


3. Landmines - for a real challenge

The aim of Landmines is to keep a quarter spinning while you drink: The game goes around in turns with each person having their own quarter. To play, spin your quarter on the table with your drinking hand. While the quarter is spinning you have to take a drink and then pick the quarter back up all with the same hand. You get three tries and if you fail all three you are out until the next game... The longer this game goes on for, the harder it gets. Inevitably this game always turns into one person who's way drunker than the rest belligerently trying to spin a coin before eventually rage quitting. What could be more fun?


2. Netflix Party - for those who think drinking IS the game

A true classic. Try getting together with your friends on Netflix Party and pick a film or tv show and play the accompanying drinking game like How I Met Your Mother or Harry Potter. However, Netflix Party only supports messaging so we suggest using Zoom on your phone so you can talk to each other.

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1. Beer Pong - for those who appreciate a classic

Beer pong may be the most popular drinking game ever, even your parents probably played this game with their college roommates. Beer pong can be played over Zoom but each person does need to have their own set of cups. Its easy just set up beer pong like normal and play your laptop where the other person would be. Just try not to spill any alcohol on your computer - don't say we didn't warn you.

Bonus: Picolo - for those who want a bit of everything

Can't decide on which game to play? Picolo may be the perfect choice for you. The game is super simple - all you've got to do is put in the name of each player then let the game handle the rest. There are no rules to remember, you've just got to follow the instructions that show up on the screen. The game has multiple different versions, so there's never a shortage of content to try out!

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