Professor holds online class from a bath tub

He had mistakenly turned on the camera while the session was ongoing.

Professor holds online class from a bath tub
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Professor holds online class from a bath tub

Since most people’s lives moved online due to COVID-19, many are the embarrassing or downright horrifying stories emerging from Zoom meetings, classes and hangouts. Well, for this professor at Hanyang University, he may have taken too much advantage of working from home when he was caught on video, teaching a class while in the bath tub.

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Oopsy Splashy!

The professor, whose name has not been made public, was giving an online lecture to his students from the Seoul-based university. According to local broadcaster, SBS, he started with only audio available but halfway through the session, he mistakenly turned on the camera, revealing his upper body above the waterline.

He switched it off immediately he realized his mistake and continued as though nothing happened.

However, the students told local media, they could still hear the sound of water splashing in the background. One of them said they were surprised he did not acknowledge it.

It was an utter shock. I came in for a lecture, not for a hot bath. The professor made no comment on the incident and went on with the class as if nothing had happened. But we kept hearing the water splash.

A Case of High Fever

According to the students, this may not have been the first time the professor was teaching his classes from the comfort of his bathtub.

They recall hearing the sound of splashing water during previous audio-only online classes.

Another give away was the fact that his voice always echoed, as if he was in a tile-walled bathroom.

Later, the professor sent an email of apology to the students, claiming that he had a high fever after receiving the second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine and that the "unfortunate event" happened because he was trying his best not to cancel the class.

University authorities said they will investigate the incident to decide what the next line of action should be.

The professor told the school that it was his first time giving a lecture from the bath tub.

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