This Space Fan Got A NASA Tattoo - But Can You Spot The Huge Mistake?

After NASA's Mars exploration rover, Opportunity had 'passed away' following a global sandstorm, an avid NASA enthusiast decided to commemorate the event with a touching tattoo. Unfortunately for the poor fellow, his new masterpiece contained a huge error.

After NASA's longest living expliration rover, Opportunity - better known as 'Oppy' - had been enwrapped in a sandstorm on the surface of Mars, the aeronautics agency had finally made the melancholy announcement. Indeed, after several attempts at making contact with the Martian rover in order to kick-start the recovery operations following the storm in June of last year, the machine had remained silent ever since.

After the Wall-E-esque robot was pronounced 'dead' last Wednesday on February 13th, a fan of NASA had taken to body art to express his passion for astronomy with an piece of the rover itself with the words 'my battery is low and it's getting dark' - Oppy's 'final words' - printed eloquently beneath it. All in all, it is a decent tattoo - but there's a 'but'.

After the finished piece had been posted on Twitter, it wasn't long before fellow Twitter users had taken to pointing out the first and foremost mistake made with the design of the tattoo...

Check out the video to see if you can figure out the mistake!

Only the most perceptive people can spot the mistake in this picture Only the most perceptive people can spot the mistake in this picture