Some Fans Have Pointed Out This Huge Mistake In The Simpsons

If The Simpsons are genius at predicting the future, they’ve proven less adept at avoiding mistakes. In fact, a continuity problem has been highlighted on Twitter by Matt Selman, one of the series’ producers.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons

An old episode of The Simpsons dating from 1995 has resurfaced because of a comment made by the series’ producer. Matt Selman posted a photo on Twitter where he points out a glaring inconsistency. In the 13th episode of season 6, which is entitled And Maggie Make Three, Marge announces to Homer that she is pregnant with Maggie.

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The problem? There is a photo of the little girl in the background! How could there possibly be a picture of someone who hasn’t even been born yet? This mistake is already very well-known by the series’ fans, all the more so because these kinds of inconsistencies are common in the animated show.

In another Simpsons episode, Homer finds out that he is going to be Bart’s dad. Shocked by the announcement, he tears his hair out, but behind him, there is a picture in which he is bald! Not to mention that the family proudly display photographs of Lisa when her birth hasn’t even been announced.

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