This Man Got His Nose Cut Down To Look Like A Comic Book Villain

Henry Damon from Venezuela has undergone many surgical operations and deeply modified his face to look as much as possible like his favourite comic book villain.

Henry Damon recently stood out from the crowd at the International Tattoo Expo in Caracas, Venezuela. It has to be said that looking at his face is pretty scary, given that it no longer really resembles that of a human.

This look is actually motivated by Henry’s desire to look like Red Skull, the villain from Marvel Comics, played by Hugo Weaving in Captain America: First Avenger.

To achieve this crazy goal, he shaved down his nose, got silicone implants in his forehead and eyebrows and coloured his skin red.

Unsurprisingly enough, surgeon Emilio Gonzales made sure that his patient, a 37-year-old father, was psychologically stable enough to go through with the surgery.

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