Unvaccinated American shares video from her hospital bed and dies 9 days later

An unvaccinated American woman shared a scary and emotional TikTok video from her hospital bed on 15 August. She died of Covid a few days later.

Like many Americans, this 31-year-old woman had been reluctant to be vaccinated. Her name was Alexandra Blankenbiller. She was not anti-vax but, concerned about the conflicting information in the media, she wanted to wait to get vaccinated with her family. Once her whole family was convinced of the relevance of the vaccine, when the doubts about the possible side effects were cleared up, they would go and get vaccinated together.

Alexandra eventually caught COVID, before she could get jabbed. Unfortunately, she developed a severe form that required hospitalization. On November 13, she posted a video on TikTok with the cries of pain she heard from her hospital room. Then, on August 15, weakened, she posted a new video—what would be her last.

Her last video on TikTok

Alexandra Blankenbiller, who has 15,000 followers, wanted to send a last message from her hospital bed. In this video, she confides her distress:

I think it was a mistake (to wait for my family). I shouldn't have waited. If you are 70% sure you want to be vaccinated, do it. Don't wait. Go and get vaccinated. Because if you get vaccinated, you won't end up in a hospital, like me. It doesn't mean you won't get COVID, but it's just a protection against developing severe forms.

Watch the video, seen more than 800,000 times, below:


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The American media WebMD.com reports that the young woman born in 1990 died 9 days later, on 24 August 2021, at the Orange County Medical Center in Florida at the age of 31. Since then, this video has been the talk of the town.

Alexandra Blankenbiller's family points out the misinformation on the subject of COVID and the importance of vaccination.

The sister of the deceased, Cristina Blankenbiller, underlines Alexandra's altruistic character and her desire to help others.

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