COVID: Number of children in hospital up by 90% in three days

Children under five are being hospitalised in record numbers as coronavirus continues spreading across the country.

COVID in the UK
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COVID in the UK

Latest government figures show that some 92 children with COVID were admitted to hospital in just one day this week. This figure, from December 28, is of children between 0 and five years, and is almost double what was recorded on Christmas day.

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Record Numbers

According to the data, children now make up 10 per cent of the 1455 covid hospitalisations on that day, of which 385 were people above the age of 85.

The numbers also point to 621 children being on admission in English hospitals with coronavirus in the week to December 28. This represents the biggest weekly rise in children being admitted since the pandemic began.

A UK Health Security Agency spokeswoman had early on told the Mirror:

With Covid cases rising across the population, we have been clear that we can expect more cases among all age groups including children. The number of children in hospital who have tested positive for Covid-19 remains proportionately very low but we continue to monitor the data very closely.

The figures, which reveal a significant rise in admissions in children, were released as part of the government's daily coronavirus data.

Caution And Responsibility

Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents hospitals and other trusts in England, urged caution when interpreting these figures. He told Sky News, the spike in hospitalisations could be explained by people without COVID symptoms going into hospital for other reasons but testing positive during their stay.

As the number of cases in the community rises, we are definitely seeing more people who’ve got incidental Covid.

A UK Health Security Agency spokeswoman added that people ought to be extra careful to help curb the spread of the virus.

It is crucial that we all play our part to slow the spread of infection. We urge everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated without delay and to wear a mask in crowded spaces, on public transport and in shops. Make sure to take a lateral flow test before meeting up with friends and family. Please also wash your hands regularly and ventilate rooms well.
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