Fit and healthy dad dies from COVID after rejecting the vaccine

Healthy dad who rejected the vaccine died from COVID four weeks after camping trip.

COVID stories
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COVID stories

Four weeks before 42-year-old John Eyers passed away, he was busy climbing Welsh mountains on a wild camping trip. Shortly after, he contracted the coronavirus that put him in a critical condition from which he was unable to recover.

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Rejecting the vaccine

His twin sister, Jenny McCann revealed that her brother had opted out of getting vaccinated because he believed that even if he contracted the virus he would only suffer mild symptoms. She posted his story on Twitter, writing:

My 42yr old twin brother died in ITU of COVID-19 last week. He died exactly 4 weeks after testing positive. He was the fittest, healthiest person I know. He was climbing Welsh mountains & wild camping 4 weeks before his death.
The only pre-existing health condition John had was the belief in his own immortality.
He thought if he contracted Covid-19 he would be OK. He thought he would have a mild illness. He didn’t want to put a vaccine on his body.

Critical case

According to her, Eyes eventually passed away as the infection led to organ failure. She continued:

His was pumped full of every drug in the hospital. They threw everything at him. But eventually the bedfellow of Covid-19, infection and organ failure, claimed his life.

She also disclosed that moments before he got ventilated, he had told his consultant that he should havegot vaccinated. She continued on in a tweet:

Before he was ventilated he told his consultant that he wished he had been vaccinated.
That he wished he had listened. His death is a tragedy. It shouldn’t have happened. He leaves a Mum & Dad, a sister (me), and a 19-year-old daughter.
‘Fit and healthy’ dad who refused vaccine dies of Covid ‘Fit and healthy’ dad who refused vaccine dies of Covid