COVID: Unvaccinated parents with seven children die one day apart

The Green family’s holiday turned into a nightmare when Charletta and Tory Green spent their 22nd wedding anniversary taking their last breaths in two different states and hospitals.

COVID story
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COVID story

The lives of seven children turned upside down early this month when both their parents died from COVID. The children, aged 10, 11, 15, 17, 19, 21, and 23, now have to fend for themselves and each other after the devastating deaths.

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A ruined family holiday

The parents, Charletta and Tory Green, had first met each other when they were just 14 and spent a majority of their lives in each other's company. They had seven children together and when the pandemic hit they decided that the whole family would get vaccinated at the same time.

But before any of them could get their jabs, tragedy struck and Tory started to feel unwell days before their family trip to Florida. In order to save the holiday, he skipped out on the trip and stayed home in Detroit while Charletta took the kids. Unfortunately, two days later, the mother-of-seven also fell ill and was taken to the hospital.

It was mid-August when both of them got struck down with COVID. They were admitted to the ICU in two different hospitals within days. Five of their kids decided to head back to Detroit to attend to their father and two stayed in Florida with Charletta.

Till death

Tiki Green, Troy’s sister, told Fox2 Detroit that the virus had damaged Charletta’s lungs so badly that there was nothing more that could be done. When Troy heard about his wife's increasingly low chances of survival, his condition plummeted as well. She told Fox2:

Her lungs were severely damaged and... they just couldn’t do any more for her.
When he realised that his wife, you know, maybe not getting better, after he hears she’s on a ventilator and she’s on it 100 percent constantly, he... couldn’t take that. He just started having chest pains and eventually a couple of hours later he passed.

Charletta passed away on 5 September, and Tory followed suite on 6 September after having a sudden heart attack. Green said:

They [the children] came to grips with their mom. They [doctors] told them they did all the can. They were able to say goodbye to her.
My brother's death was unexpected. It happened in the middle of the night.

The kids have been receiving love and support from their extended family members, and they've also received over $3,000 from their GoFundMe page. Their goal is to reach $15,000 so that they can pay for rent, food, school clothing, and the funeral.

Dumas also confirmed that the rest of the family got vaccinated shortly after Charletta and Tory's diagnosis.

Four children orphaned after anti-vax parents die from COVID Four children orphaned after anti-vax parents die from COVID