Anti-vax kickboxer dies from COVID after refusing to stay in hospital

Kickboxing champion Frederic Sinistra passed away after getting infected by COVID.


Frederic Sinistra was part of the population that chose to stay unvaccinated, as he believed that he was mentally and physically strong enough to fight the virus without getting inoculated. Even when he got infected with the coronavirus and was exhibiting worrisome symptoms, his mindset stayed the same.

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Infected with COVID

The kickboxer, who went by the name 'The Undertaker', had a stunning record of 39 wins to only 9 losses, and he also held a national-level title. However, his fit physique was not enough to keep him from getting severely infected with the virus. His coach confirmed to Sudinfo that Sinistra was exhibiting severe symptoms and only went to the hospital in November after he threatened to end their training sessions.

On 26 November, he announced the cancellation of an upcoming match and posted a photo of him on oxygen support in the hospital. He told his followers:

A warrior never gives up!!!!!! I will come back even stronger.

However, days later, he discharged himself from the hospital and decided to get treatment at home, reported The Sun. Unfortunately, his health only continued to deteriorate, and he passed away on 15 December.


As claimed by LadBible, Sinistra had been a very vocal anti-vaxxer who publicly called COVID ‘a little virus.’ He had also previously criticised the government’s move on face masks and vaccine passports.

Even after his passing, his wife still maintains that he did not die from the coronavirus and that his news is now being used as propaganda for the vaccines. She wrote on his Instagram page:

And he would never have accepted that what happened to him was used to spread fear and promote vaccination😤😤😤
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