This man has been dropping used condoms in Hindu temples

The 62-year-old man was arrested for desecrating scores of Hindu temples by dropping used condoms in donation boxes and on the premises.

A man has been arrested for dropping used condoms on the premises of several Hindu temples in Mangaluru, India. The 62-year-old was caught after desecrating the religious premises for over a year.

Arrest & Confession

At least five temples in Mangaluru lodged complaints with the police after used condoms were found on the premises as well as in donation boxes.

CCTV footage from one of the targeted temples showed the man leaving the premises after dropping something in the donation box.

Devadas Desai was tracked down, arrested, and he confessed to being guilty of the accusations. Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashikumar said:

Five cases were registered at various police stations where used condoms were thrown in different temple premises in Mangaluru. With the help of the CCTV footage, our team managed to nab the accused.

According to the police, the accused, a native of Unkal in Hubbali, has been living in Mangaluru for the past 20 years. A staunch Christian, the accused desecrated these temples in an attempt to get people to convert to Christianity.

Since his father’s days, the family has been practising Christianity. He left his wife and child many years ago and is not in touch with them. He is an ardent Christian.

Condom Evangelism

Although only five complaints were lodged with the police, the former auto driver said he committed the offence in at least 18 places including a mosque across the city. Speaking to reporters, the accused said:

I am spreading the message of Jesus from the past 15 years. The Bible says that except Jesus there is no other god. I used to drop these condoms as impure gifts must be given to impure places.

Asked if he regretted his actions now that he has been arrested, Desai said:

I don’t have any remorse, the god has given us a life of 70 years and I am already 62 years old
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