Sperm mask: Woman claims semen keeps her skin glowing

A woman has got social media talking after she posted a video explaining how she uses semen to get her skin to look its best.

A beauty blogger by the name of Kelly Zolanski has gone viral on TikTok after she shared her beauty routine to the world in which she applies semen to her face to keep her skin glowing. Or so she claims...

An interesting way of using semen

The New Yorker first got the idea after watching a video on social media of a woman explaining all the nutrients and proteins beneficial to the skin that are found in men's semen. Though she is at the moment single, she decided to ask a friend if he could donate some of his natural bodily fluids to her so she could test it out herself. She explained:

He came over and used my bathroom I gave him a jar to put it in. I put it on my face, let it dry then washed it off. I mixed it with moisturiser because it had a weird smell. He's not the healthiest person.

She also said:

It's a cheap, homemade alternative to expensive brands. I keep it in a jar in the fridge. I live alone so no one will need to see it when they're making breakfast.

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Might not be a good idea for everyone

But though Zolanski's own skin is looking quite good, she does not recommend everyone to go ahead and apply the concoction to their own face as this could trigger an allergic reaction. She explained:

I'm not encouraging it in case people are allergic to it. Some people might have a breakdown or bad reaction. I normally use more luxury brand stuff. If you're single, it could be hard to keep up the supply.
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