Man catches alligator using rubbish bin

A man was forced to battle it out with a wild alligator that made its way into his backyard.

An alligator in Florida met his match when a man trapped it in a rubbish bin as it was wandering in his backyard.

Trapped in a rubbish bin

26-year-old Eugene Bozzi, a US army veteran, was left with no choice but to fight it out with a massive gator intruding in his property. The father was notified by his children that an alligator had entered the premises of his place of residence and was quick to jump to action by trapping it using a rubbish bin!

Luckily for the internet, one onlooker recorded the entire incident, and the man in question has now been said to have 'won the Internet for the month of September.' The video, which has since gone viral with more than three million views on Twitter alone, shows the man carefully approaching the giant lizard before luring it into the rubbish bin and closing the lid, so the reptile would be unable to escape. Bozzi explained:

I used the front like a hippo mouth. I saw that he was more timid and he was backing down, so that's why I knew I had the advantage.

'He and the gator could have been seriously injured'

Since the release of the video, the man has explained that he eventually released the alligator near a large body of water in the bushes. Twitter users have both praised and criticised the man, as some say he displayed incredible courage while others believe he proceeded recklessly. One user said:

I've had a gator in my yard on a few occasions and the way he handled this is the exact opposite of the safe way. Animal control shows up quicker than an ambulance for gator calls. He and the gator could have been seriously injured.
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