She was kicked out of the gym all because of her 'distracting' outfit

A young woman living in Germany was told to leave her gym because… her outfit was too ‘distracting’ to the men.

She was kicked out of the gym all because of her 'distracting' outfit
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Marnie, a 22-year-old German student, went to her local gym. But her day took an unexpected turn when she was thrown out of the place. Why? Because one of the coaches told her that her outfit wasn’t 'safe for the gym'.

A blatant act of sexism

She wrote on Twitter:

Just got kicked out of my gym, because my clothes were too ‘revealing’ and were confusing the men in the gym. What century are we in again? So sad.

She also attached a photo of her outfit to this message.

On the day in question, Marnie was wearing black leggings and a black crop top that showed her bellybutton. Nothing shocking. Because of this, we can say Marnie was a victim of day-to-day sexism. Many internet users and media sources have been reporting on what happened.

A double standard

In an interview with Metro UK, she explains further.

They told me that guys were not allowed to wear tank tops either, but every time I ever went there, there were guys in tank tops who weren’t ever asked to leave.

Proof that there is still lots of progress to be made.

Take a look at the video above for Maria's full story...