This teacher was fired after her topless selfie was posted online

A math teacher from an American school was fired after her private selfie was posted online after falling into the hands of a student.

selfie teacher
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selfie teacher

The case caused an outcry across the pond. Lauren Miranda, a junior high school math teacher in New York State, USA, was sacked by her school last Wednesday. The reason for her dismissal? A selfie on which she appears topless in front of a mirror, and which landed in the hands of a student in the school.

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A selfie worth a thousand words

The photo in question had been taken three years earlier, and sent to her boyfriend at the time, a teacher in the same school. The young teacher, age 25, has no idea how the student got it. This did not prevent the administration of her school from making the decision to dismiss her, on the grounds that she set a bad example for the children.

‘These are my breasts, it's my chest, it's my body’

But Lauren Miranda did not stop there. The teacher, who believes that her image and reputation have been tarnished by the case, claims to be the victim of gender discrimination, and is now claiming £2.3 million in compensation, as well as her reinstatement at the school.

During a press conference, the teacher said:

What's the problem with my photo? These are my breasts, it's my chest, it's my body. Men can show their torsos without being questioned. Mine is no more offensive than that of a man.

The plaintiff's lawyer added:

Such a thing would never have happened if it was a male teacher. No one has ever commented or had a problem with a man exposing his chest, but when a woman does, she loses her job.

In the end, Miranda came out of the situation victorious after a judge ruled in favour of the teacher.

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