This couple's kiss cost them £360

Beware, kissing can be very expensive in these coronavirus times! In Milan, a couple found out the hard way when they were fined £360.

This couple's kiss cost them £360
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This couple's kiss cost them £360

The second wave of coronavirus is hitting Europe hard. Each country has taken strict restrictive measures to stem the spread of the virus. While these measures greatly reduce social interactions, they are also a major obstacle when it comes to intimacy. The proof is in Milan, Italy. Il Giornale reports that on October 9th, a couple was fined £360 for kissing in the street.

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Not wearing masks

It all began when a 40-year-old Italian and his Polish companion were walking hand in hand through the streets of the city. They walked towards a restaurant and before entering it, they kissed each other. They of course took off their masks. At that moment, what looked like a beautiful evening then turned into a nightmare.

Police intervention

After the kiss, four police officers came to question them. The problem was that the two people had not respected the social distancing measures imposed in the Italian region. There, wearing a mask is compulsory within three feet of each other, unless the individuals in question live together. The couple were then fined £360. The Italian man and his girlfriend defended themselves by explaining that they had been engaged for two and a half years. They even went so far as to show photos, videos, and messages on their phones.

What was the problem?

Their identification said the two people involved were living at two different addresses. This was sufficient enough reason for the police to give a £360 fine. An incredible story!

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