Model accuses company of stealing her identity to create sex doll

An Israeli model has called out a company for having created a sex doll that, she claims, was modelled after her without her consent.

The woman in question, 25-year-old Yael Cohen Aris, was not too pleased to find out that a human-sized sex toy struck an uncanny resemblance to her.

The use of her identity without her consent

The Chinese company even added the same mole the woman has on her lower lip to the sex doll, which only strengthens Cohen Aris' claim that her physical appearance was used to make the doll.

In an interview with This Morning, the model explained that upon research, after first being tipped off by one of her many followers on social media, she found that the doll was even named after her. During the segment, she expressed not being fundamentally against sex dolls or the company itself, but rather the way they went about using her identity without first consulting her. She said:

It’s double wrong because it’s connected to my identity. It’s not just a doll that looks like me—they never hid the fact it’s a doll from me.

Though she has taken legal action she is not looking for financial compensation. Instead, she says she just wants the dolls to be taken off the shelves. She explains:

It should get off the shelves. Maybe we can talk once that happens. I think learning a lesson is the best thing to come out of this story—just to try to bring a real conversation about our privacy if we want to share ourselves online.

A compliment to her beauty

Still, the woman has kept her head up high and believes in the silver lining of the entire experience by saying that:

In everything that happens, I always try to see the bright side. They did it without my consent, they use it for commercial use, it’s a sex doll—all these crazy things—but it does mean people find me attractive, so I guess I chose to see it as flattering.

And added:

Everybody likes to feel attractive. They just took me—a random girl from Israel.
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