This Instagram Model May Have Found The Worlds Tiniest Bikini

Playboy model and Instagram Influencer Cassandra Sienega sparked interest with a post she made while celebrating her 34th birthday at the Sapphire Pool in Las Vegas.

Smallest Bikini
© Instagram: @cjsparxx
Smallest Bikini

We’ve seen some interesting swimwear this season from the Hairy Swimsuit to Japan’s cleavage obsession, but we think this one may take the cake.

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Cassandra Sienegara or @cjsparxx as she’s known on Instagram peaked a lot of interest when she posted a picture of herself standing against a wall at a Las Vagas pool bar.

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My body is also a temple.🕌

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The swimsuit itself doesn’t seem to be practical in the traditional sense of swimwear, but it surely does alleviate the worry of tan lines!

The post was met with thousands of supportive comments ranging from 'amazing' to 'mindblowing' while other users took the opportunity to write some more humours and sarcastic comments...

One said: "Should have just used bandaids."

Another wrote: "And setting the record for worlds tiniest bikini."

One user stated: "Soo much material on that bikini! What are the washing instructions?"

Another posted: "You're too covered up in this photo."

The bathing suit itself is said to be made by the brand SnSbikinis and is known for having the 'sexiest clothing and swimwear' with lines often featured in publication such as Playboy, Maxim and FHM.

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