10-year old drowns while saving his sister

A 10-year-old boy died saving his little sister from drowning in a river near Houston in the US on Saturday 12 June.

His name was Ricky and he was only 10 years old. He was the oldest of four children. On Saturday 12 June, he bravely tried to save his little sister from drowning in the Big Sioux River in South Dakota. He succeeded, but he did not survive, reported the New York Times on 14 June.

A heroic act for the 10-year-old boy

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff, the body of little Ricky Lee Sneve was found lifeless on Saturday night. His mother explained how the tragedy occurred. The Eufers were enjoying a moment on the Big Sioux River near Houston. Her father and siblings were also there.

But some of the children suddenly fell into the water. Chad Sneve, the father, immediately jumped into the river to save them. But Ricky also jumped in to help his little sister Chevelle. A heroic act for this little boy, only 10 years old.

Ricky's lifeless body recovered from the river

He even managed to bring his sister to shore. Unfortunately, once the little girl was rescued, her father and siblings realised that he could no longer see Ricky. He had disappeared into the water. It's hard to imagine the panic Ricky's dad must have felt when he realised his son was missing... And the insurmountable sadness that such an ordeal can bring.

The lifeless body was recovered that evening, according to police reports. His mother described him as a little boy who loved fishing and mechanics. A hobby he shared with his father.

He taught me to love and appreciate life. He never failed to amaze me.
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