Two-year-old shoots his mother in the head during a video conference

On 11 August, a two-year-old got hold of a gun and shot his mother in the head while she was on a Zoom meeting.

Zoom meeting
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Zoom meeting

In Altamonte Springs, Florida, a serious domestic accident took place: a baby shot his mother in the head with a gun while she was attending a business meeting on Zoom. The child's father, who was in charge of the gun, has been arrested.

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Gunshot wound

The tragedy took place on 11 August. According to witnesses who was participating in the Zoom call, the toddler appeared in the background before a loud noise was heard. The woman then collapsed, failing to respond to the calls of her colleagues.

Rescue workers soon arrived on the scene and found that Shamaya Lynn had a gunshot wound, caused by the child. She succumbed to the injury.

According to investigators, the gun was loaded, the safety had not been engaged, and it had not been stored securely. The Daily Beast says the gun was stored in a Pat' Patrol backpack.

A preventable tragedy

The gun belonged to Veondre Avery, the father. Although he was not present at the time of the tragedy, he has just been arrested for manslaughter and unsecured storage of a firearm.

Shortly after his arrest, the Orange County Sheriff's Office posted a warning on Facebook. It states:

If you store your firearm securely, no curious child will put their fingers on it. And no gun will go off by accident.
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