A Diet That’s Rich In Fat Could Actually Help You Lose Weight

Fries, bacon and butter don’t have a great reputation: these foods are apparently too fatty and should be kept away from your daily life if you want to lose weight. However, it turns out it might be possible to include them as well: a diet that is rich in fat could help you shift those extra pounds. But you do need to avoid one specific nutrient.

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Who wouldn’t want to be able to eat what you want and still see your love handles that have followed you around for a long time, melt away bit by bit every day? According to scientist Susan Masino, it’s not completely impossible. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything!

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Increase the amount of fat you burn

If you want to lose weight but don’t want to give up eating fat, it’s now possible! You’re allowed to eat fat, but you have to avoid carbohydrates. To do this, we’ll show you just where carbs can be found in the video above.

Neurobiologist Susan Masino says: ‘We don’t need carbohydrates to have energy. Fat provides more energy than the same amount of carbohydrates, and low-carb diets tend to improve your energy production system. Also, several organs prefer fat as a source of energy.’

Those that are familiar with diets will have noticed that the Atkins diet meets these criteria. According to Eat Smarter, the total calorie intake for this type of diet is split up into 45% fat and 40% protein. Several studies also prove that this concept works and even better than low-fat diets. But how is this possible?

Bye-bye cravings

This might seem strange, but eating fat is very efficient. It lasts longer in our body and we end up feeling full for longer, so you don’t have as many cravings. This means that you consume fewer calories throughout the day and as a result, lose weight.

Of course, the question still stands as to whether a diet with too much fat in it is a trap or not since we still don’t know just how healthy this type of diet actually is. The cholesterol levels don’t seem to be affected, but the hypothesis that the liver stays intact when you consume this amount of fat isn’t very likely. In case of doubt, ask your doctor who will help you if you’re overweight and give you all the necessary advice to shift those pounds.

However, don’t forget one thing. Exercise allows you to burn fat more easily. Dieting and doing more physical activity will allow you to see results more quickly. Good luck to you all!

This Is Why A High Fat Diet Could Actually Help You Lose Weight This Is Why A High Fat Diet Could Actually Help You Lose Weight