These bodybuilders prove you can be vegan and build muscle

If you think you can't build muscle without eating meat, think again. These 10 popular bodybuilders are all vegan.

These bodybuilders prove you can be vegan and build muscle
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These bodybuilders prove you can be vegan and build muscle

There are as many prejudices and stereotypes about veganism as there are self-proclaimed fitness gurus on Instagram. But you really can learn something from the following ten men. The absence of animal products in their diets and their bodybuilding lifestyle seem to go together like bread and butter. Meet the most famous influencers on Instagram who follow this lifestyle.

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Torre Washington

Torre Washington believes that neither vegans or meat-eaters have a particular advantage when it comes to bodybuilding. In fact, he believes the most crucial part is your training routine.

'The Vegan Dread’ has been a vegan for almost 20 years and swears by the regenerative effects of herbal products. He records his personal progress on his Instagram account, promotes the vegan lifestyle and offers his own fitness coaching and advice.

Nimai Delgado

This engineer by trade has actually never eaten meat in his life! For a year now, the successful bodybuilder has been following an exclusive vegan diet which in no way has slowed his progress. He likes to travel and share photos of his adventures with his fans. In addition, he also gives advice about proper and balanced nutrition.

Frank Medrano

Two friends initially gave Frank Medrano the idea to turn vegan. Unlike Delgado, he previously ate meat his entire life and he admits that the transition was difficult at first, but the benefits associated with being vegan eventually won him over. Today, he has 1.5 million followers and is one of the biggest fitness influencers currently on Instagram.

Korin Sutton

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🤢Don’t Like The Taste Of Vegetables?🤮 - I remember growing up my mom use to tell me to eat my veggies. It was the last thing I would eat on my plate. Is this the same with you now as an adult? You know it’s important but hate the taste? Trying to go plant based but anything that’s green looks weird and makes you want to gag? Listen I know your pain, but I had to break this habit once I went vegan. Vegetables has tons of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. And it’s essential for any type of diet not just plant based. I know but, but I can’t bear the taste you might be saying? Here’s a quick hack to love vegetables again! When trying to add more plant based foods into your diet. The best thing to start off is a smoothie. You can just drink the nutrients! When adding vegetables to your smoothie I would start off using spinach and broccoli because they are high in vitamin A, C, and fiber. Plus has a very sweet to neutral taste. Use fruits like strawberries, blueberries, mango, and pineapples as your “sugar” To sweeten up the smoothie. But to make a healthy smoothie I would do 80% veggies and 20% fruit in my blender! Especially if your goal is weight lost. I do this a lot because I like getting a lot of my vitamins and minerals in one shot, keeps me less bloated, and I have more energy when I’m sitting at the desk working. This will also give your taste buds to adjust to natural tasting food that is not high process or over saturated with artificial flavoring, sugar, salt, and fat. Don’t believe me...🤦 (try this at home) If you bite into a candy bar or drank a soda. Then bite into a strawberry, that strawberry will taste bitter. But if you had the strawberry first it will taste sweet. It’s the same way if majority of our diet in the past or right now is the same. Since I’ve been vegan for almost 8 years. Fruit is now my candy. And actual candy 🍭 I just can’t bare it because it’s just too sweet for me. I don’t get cravings anymore and natural sweeten foods I prefer more. And I eat more vegetables now than I ever did in my life. And I feel great and I see how my body feels and looks better! Try this out and let me know if smoothies has helped you?

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Korin Sutton served in the army for eight years and as compensation, he began his bodybuilding journey when his time as a soldier came to an end. He claims that Torre Washington was the one who inspired him to turn vegan himself. Today, he offers his advice and counsel to others and motivates other people to follow the same path he did.

Patrik Baboumian

Patrik Baboumian has been taking part in Strongmen Events on a regular basis for the past six years. Among other things, the German-Armenian bodybuilder has won the title of ‘Strongest Man in Germany’ and holds several log lift records.

Berto Calkins

Berto Calkins is famous for his short training videos and motivational messages. He says that even he never expected to turn vegan, but has ultimately been very happy with the process and transition.

Calkins has even started promoting vegan food because he wants to convince others that this type of food doesn’t have to be so boring and tasteless.

Dominic Thompson

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His story is a bit different. As a big-time meat eater, Dominic Thompson originally stopped eating meat while he was serving a sentence in prison. Since then, he says his body has become stronger than ever. He doesn’t miss anything and today, is a successful Ironman athlete.

Jon Venus

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💪🏼Chasing that pump in the Mecca 🙌🏼 I have been lifting for 9 years now and my passion for bodybuilding has been at a all time low since my injury a while back☹️ 🔥I feel that this is changing again, I have been a lot more motivated in these past few months after my back has healed, but still not where I was before❗️ When it comes to positive habits, I think its important to just keep going even when we don't feel like it... What helps me is remembering how it greatly benefits my physical & mental health, but most of all, how many people I can help online by being a billboard to a healthy & conscious lifestyle🙌🏼🌱 On a side note... Its pretty cool to be in a gym where I feel like I don’t even lift, some monsters live in golds gym😂 Hope ur all good & staying consistent✌🏼

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A real star among other influencers. Not only does Jon Venus have 225,000 followers on Instagram, but also almost 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He regularly uploads videos of his entertaining challenges to this platform which are always related to vegan nutrition or sport, and his viewers really seem to love them.

John Lewis

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It just wouldn't be right if we didn't introduce you to one of the hardest working vegans out there. Representing New York, you can find him working out at the park (no matter the weather) or at the gym. Please help us welcome @scott_burnhard to the BAV family! #Peaceonmarz✌🏽🚀 #peacelovepandas✌🏽❤️🐼 ➖ ➖➖ ➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖ #badassvegan #vegan #livevegansmart #basketball #health #fitness #mentalhealth #love #light #chooseyourowndestiny #healbadassvegan #vegan #livevegansmart #basketball #health #fitness #mentalhealth #love #light #chooseyourowndestiny #peaceonmarz✌🏽🚀 #peacelovepandas✌🏽❤️🐼#healyourself#weareallkingsandqueens#plantbased#workout #education BADASSVEGAN OF THE MONTH is brought to you by: @livevegansmart Go to BADASSVEGAN (DOT) COM for full article

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It’s no coincidence that this man is nicknamed the ‘Bad Ass Vegan’. John Lewis is a bodybuilder if there ever was one. In addition to being an influencer, this former college basketball player owns his own protein shake company called VeganSmart.

Billy Simmonds

Last but not least, Billy Simmonds. After only three years on the bodybuilding scene, this Australian managed to win the title of Mr. Universe in 2009, without the help of a single animal product. According to him, vegan nutrition is not only possible, but optimal.

These ten men are all doing their part to revolutionise the field of bodybuilding. They are proof that if you work hard, even a vegan diet can help you reach your desired goal which used to be very different indeed. However, doctors have recently been worrying about a very specific type of vegan diet followed by athletes and linked to sports known as ‘pudding veganism’. Check out this article that shows what bodybuilders looked like 100 years ago.

Check out our video above for our recipe for delicious vegan pancakes.

This is how to build muscle on a vegetarian diet This is how to build muscle on a vegetarian diet