3 Ways to Plank for the Ultimate Shredded Abs

Planking can often be boring, especially if you’re one to hold the position for several minutes. Despite it not being the most entertaining, it is still one of the most effective exercises to work your abs.

Planking has many benefits
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Planking has many benefits

Here are three variations that will allow to change up your ab workout, whilst keeping the benefits of planking.

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Exercise 1 – Introduce a weight

Whilst in the plank position, place a weight under your chest. As you continue to hold your core, pass the weight from side to using alternate arms. That is, moving the weight to the right-hand side with your left hand and vice versa.

Exercise 2 – Resistance band rows

Hook a resistance band to a frame or something that’s firmly fixed to the floor, then get into the plank position. With one arm on the ground, use the other to pull the band so that your elbow comes back to your hips. Then alternate with the other arm.

Exercise 3 – Resistance band leg stretches

With the resistance band still attached to your fixed point, pull it outwards using your leg. If you want to change it up, you can always move your leg laterally too. Alternate between both sides of your body.

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