This Video Of A Boa Constrictor Giving Birth Is Incredible

Do all snakes lay eggs? A fascinating discovery that some people have just managed to announce thanks to this viral video of a snake giving birth. 

There are 3600 snake types that have been classified so far and some of them (ovoviviparous and viviparous) actually give birth instead of laying eggs like we would normally assume. 

The video shows the birthing process of baby boas and has surprised many people who have subsequently commented on the phenomenon. It’s a good opportunity to remind everyone that boa is, in fact, ovoviviparous. Female boas do produce eggs, but they keep them inside their bodies until they hatch.

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The eggs are covered by a protective membrane, but little boas free themselves from it once they hatch. Thanks to a video posted on the 'Reptile Collective' Facebook page, we have all the proof right here.

Don't forget to watch the video to see the results! 

Daisy Jones
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