Goat gives birth to horrific ‘human-like’ kid

This Indian village was plunged into horror after a goat gave birth to a deformed baby that looked part-human. Disclaimer: the image may be distressing to some readers.

Goat kid
© Micaela Parente/UNSPLASH
Goat kid

On 26 December, 46-year-old Shankar Das, a farmer from the northeast Indian state of Assam, was expecting his goat to finally give birth to its kid. However, what came out of the goat’s uterus looked more like a mutant baby than an animal.

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Super mutant kid

It was pale, completely hairless, only had two limbs, and had facial features that oddly resembled that of a newborn human. The one thing that made it obvious that it was in fact a deformed goat was its floppy ears.

The birth of the mutant goat attracted visitors from all around the village of Gangapur and now the story has gone viral on the internet. Das said:

The neighbours rushed to our house. Everyone was left shocked by its appearance resembling a human baby.
The goat had already given birth to a kid. It was her second delivery. It has stunned me and the villagers as well.

According to the farmer, the kid was actually born alive but succumbed to its tragic deformities soon after. He added:

They were excited to see the goat given birth to a female kid. They’re a bit disappointed, but it is what it is. She was alive at birth before dying.

Diseased goat

Local vet, Fayyaz Ahmed, said that it isn't uncommon for goats to give birth to mutant babies and it may have been caused by rift valley fever—an ‘arthropod-borne’ viral disease that could severely infect domesticated animals like goats, cattle, sheep, and buffalo. He explained:

The impaired development of the kid in the womb is likely caused by the Rift Valley fever disease. There could be other possibilities as well which led to a genetic mutation.
It's advice that the farmers should take their animals to veterinarians for detailed check-ups.
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