This is why it could actually be a good thing if your first time was disappointing

If your ‘first time’ with your partner did not go as swimmingly as you would've hoped, we've got good news for you.

According to a recent US study conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with Pure Romance, a first disastrous sexual experience with a new partner would not necessarily indicate that a bad start was made in the relationship. Quite the contrary in fact…

After polling close to 2,000 participants about their sex lives, the researchers concluded that even if a bedroom workout that did not live up to all of its promises the first time, this did not discourage most of the participants.

The silver lining

While 48% said they had difficulty reaching orgasm at the first attempt with a new partner, 69% confirmed that they still felt excited to start again. To make the moment better, 48% also declared that they bring with them ‘sex toys’to spice up this first time and to minimise the pressure.

The key could be the relationship itself. While over 50% of women in relationships say they are usually able to achieve orgasm during intercourse, only 40% of single women were able to say the same. Finnish professor Kontula said that:

The keys to achieving more frequent female orgasms were identified in this study as being in the mind and in the relationship.

It is normal that sexwith a new partner can create insecurities and fears. The different statistics highlight the mixture of emotions that can often precede and conclude new experiences under the sheets. A not-so-perfect first time, however, should be an opportunity to sharpen the curiosity of the partners and make them want to return under the sheets to try again rather than give up.

You know what they say: if at first, you don't succeed...

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