A Study Reveals Surprising Thing That Helps Women To Climax

According to a study, researches have discovered that the majority of women could be more likely to reach a climax if they were to make love with a female partner rather than a man. Check out the video to find out more!

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A study carried out with 2,300 women throughout the world aged between 18 to 65 years old has revealed that women who sleep with other women can have up to 55 orgasms a month. For heterosexual couples, the females only achieve orgasm on average 7 times a month, which is a very significant difference. A surprising result, when you consider the fact that heterosexual couples make love around 16 times a month in comparison to 10 times for lesbian couples.

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‘[Making love] with other women is excitingly diversified. [The fact that it] includes more varied sexual behaviour results in women experiencing more orgasms,’ explains doctor Kristen Jozkowski to The Sun. In short...more foreplay and later penetration is more likely to make the woman orgasm.

‘Men get over-excited and go for penetration far too soon,’ says Rebecca Dakin, author of 101 Sex Tips.

‘A woman needs at least 45 minutes of foreplay before intercourse.’

A recent study carried out by Chapman University in Indiana and by the Kinsey Institute showed that 33% of straight women reach orgasm every time they have make love. For lesbians, that percentage is 86% and for bisexuals, 66%.

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