This Is The Real Reason Women Cheat - And It's Probably Not What You Think

An American social scientist suggests that if women cheat on their husbands, it’s because they want to protect their marriage. We explain this surprising conclusion.

When we talk about infidelity, we imagine a man trying to justify himself to a woman with some quite questionable excuses. We don’t tend to imagine a woman doing a sociological study on the reasons why women are unfaithful.

Alicia Walker, professor at the University of Missouri, has done research on the Ashley Madison site (a site for discreet married dating). She interviewed 50 women between the ages of 24 and 65, and more than half of them agreed that if they were to cheat on their husband, it would be because they’re not satisfied sexually.

She confirms, with the help of her research, that 'it was very much this calculated, deliberate decision to get what they were missing from their marriages, which for them was orgasms, and they were really cheating to stay married which was quite surprising.'

So, the majority of unfaithful women cheat on their husbands… to save their marriages.

Check out the video above if you still need help getting your head round this result...

This Is The Real Reason Women Cheat On Their Partners This Is The Real Reason Women Cheat On Their Partners