According To A Study, Women Can Detect Infidelity On A Man’s Face

A recent study by British researchers concluded that women can recognise infidelity on men's faces because of certain characteristics.

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Bad news for Casanova, Don Juan and other playboys. According to a study by the Royal Society Open Science, women could be able to detect infidelity... simply by looking at a man's face. It is certain facial characteristics that attract the attention of these ladies…

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To reach this conclusion, the group of researchers composed of British scientists Yong Zhi Foo, Antonina Loncarevic, Leigh W. Simmons, Clare AM Sutherland and Gillian Rhodes interviewed 1,516 heterosexual volunteers, including 592 men and 924 women aged 18 to 75. The latter were confronted with faces of the opposite sex with neutral facial expressions, and had to evaluate their ‘potential for infidelity’ on a scale ranging from 1 to 10, only being able to look at the photos submitted by the researchers.

Physical characteristics synonymous with infidelity?

The result: women are better able to detect infidelity on men's faces thanks to several physical parameters, including a more pronounced brow bone, long eyelashes, a square jaw and thin lips, even if this does not (of course) constitute a verifiable truth about everyone. And on the contrary, the study highlighted that men have much more difficulty detecting infidelity on female faces…

Cheaters, you have been warned! Check out the video above for more on this study!

According to a study, women are more likely to be attracted to this type of man... According to a study, women are more likely to be attracted to this type of man...